Bonus Pack:No Hit Kit
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Grandma Jeddah's No Hit Kit

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Discipline without Disrespecting Bonus Pack No-Hit Kit 

For mothers who are serious about finding effective solutions to their discipline problems without hitting shouting or losing control.



No Hit Kit Description



  •  Original Discipline without Disrespecting e-Book—Learn over 25 effective discipline techniques
  •  Discipline without Disrespecting e-Workbook—Stay motivated and put the valuable information you’ve learned into practice
  •  Discipline without Disrespecting: Quick Tip Guide—Quick and easy way to find and review highlights from the original Discipline         without Disrespecting e-Book
  •  Good Muslim Certificates—These motivational and inspirational certificates are a powerful tool to use when trying to encourage your       child toward desired behavior.
  •  67 Discipline Pearls --  A compilation of questions from mothers just like you who needed personal advice on disciplining their children.

Your original e-Book will, insha’Allah, help you to:


  • Learn over a dozen amazing discipline techniques that avoid hitting, scolding and shaming.  
  • Find out the 4 powerful mistakes parents make which can encourage misbehavior.  
  • Discover simple ways to make your home a more loving environment for your children, resulting in a happier home.
  • Find out several effective methods to help your children feel more confident about themselves, leading to more security in their religion.  
  • Discover how to retain your serenity while disciplining your child.  
  • Find the techniques that will teach your child how to self-manage his behavior so you won't have to.  
  • Learn effective methods for managing your strong-willed child.


How to Use Your Resourceful e-Workbook:


  • Use your e-Workbook for self-study as a motivator to encourage yourself to complete the e-Book so you can begin using the concepts that will make disciplining your child simpler.  
  • Use your e-Workbook to help reinforce what you’ve learned from your reading and put it into practice to help you increase your child’s obedience.  
  • Use your e-Workbook to invite sisters over for parenting sessions so that you can all be a support to one another in your efforts to become better parents.  
  • Use the questions in your e-Wordbook to encourage you to contemplate the concepts you’ve learned not simply read them.  
  • Use the “On Your Own” section to give you numerous ways to apply the valuable information from your e-Book.


Why Use the Quick-Tip Guide:


The Quick-Tip Guide allows you to easily and quickly search for tips you learned from the original Discipline without Disrespecting e-Book.

 It includes: 

  • 4 “must know” reasons why children disobey
  • Lists of rewards and penalties for disciplining
  • An actual incentive Star Chart to use with your rewards and penalties
  • An actual IOU Chart
  • 25 effective non-hitting discipline tips
  • Examples of ways to help you manage your stress
  • Signs of and methods of disciplining children with special needs
  • Du’as to say for children to grow-up as good Muslims
  • Reminders from Quran and hadith on importance of being  patient


Make Obeying Fun with Good Muslim Certificates 

(Includes instructions and ideas on how to use)  

  • Need your child to settle down while you make salat? Grandma Jeddah has a certificate for your child.
  • Does your child forget to say Bismillah before eating? Grandma Jeddah has a certificate for your child.
  • Does your young daughter need encouragement to wear her hijab outside? Grandma Jeddah has a certificate for your daughter.
  • Tired of walking into your child’s messy bedroom? Grandma Jeddah has a certificate for your child.
  • Having trouble getting your child to do his chores? Grandma Jeddah has a certificate for your child



67 Discipline Pearls: For Your Most Challenging Discipline Problems

This e-book is a compilation of questions from mothers just like you who needed personal advice on disciplining their children. 

You'll find answers to problems such as these:


  1. My 2-year-old is jealous of the new baby and hits me when I'm nursing--how do I handle this?
  2. My son is smoking cigarettes--what should I do?
  3. My toddler whines in the store the entire time when he doesn't get what he wants. How can I get him to stop?
  4. My 7-year-old daughter talks back. What's the best way to stop her?
  5. My autistic teen alwlays demeans his younger siblings. I'm getting fed up--what to do?
  6. My son is being bullied at the masjid--what's the best way to manage this?
  7. I have a problem controlling my anger when disciplining. How can I change?

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Bonus Pack:No Hit Kit

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