Discipline Pearls For Your Most Challenging Discipline Problems
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67 Discipline Pearls


For Your Most


Challenging Discipline Problems


by Grandma Jeddah

From Toddlers to Teenagers, solutions to your challenging discipline problems . . . 

With an Islamic perspective.

Get the help you need for your most common discipline problems today!

This e-book is a compilation of questions from mothers just like you who needed personal advice on disciplining their children. It’s been said that when one person takes the time to write a question, a hundred others have the same problem.


Well now you don’t have to write in for your answer. You are likely to find the very question you’ve been wanting to ask but were afraid to, right here in this e-book.

You'll find answers to problems such as these:

  1. My 2-year-old is jealous of the new baby and hits me when I'm nursing--how do I handle this?
  2. My son is smoking cigarettes--what should I do?
  3. My toddler whines in the store the entire time when he doesn't get what he wants. How can I get him to stop?
  4. My 7-year-old daughter talks back. What's the best way to stop her?
  5. My autistic teen alwlays demeans his younger siblings. I'm getting fed up--what to do?
  6. My son is being bullied at the masjid--what's the best way to manage this?
  7. I have a problem controlling my anger when disciplining. How can I change?

And, as an added bonus, Grandma Jeddah has included loads of helpful links to websites, blogs, and other valuable discipline and parenting resources to help make obeying easier and discipline simpler.


To protect the privacy of the mothers who have written to Grandma Jeddah, some of the questions, names, gender, events, and exact wording have been altered. But the answers remain thorough and priceless!

If you do not see a major improvement in your child’s behavior after reading Grandma Jeddah’s books and implementing her practices, email her and she’ll personally refund your money in full, insha’Allah.

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Discipline Pearls For Your Most Challenging Discipline Problems

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