Discipline without Disrespecting: Quick-Tip Guide (e-book)
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Are you trying to retain and put into practice everything you’ve read from your e-Book?  Do you find yourself laboriously going back and forth, searching through your Discipline without Disrespecting e-Book to find help with your discipline problems?

Grandma Jeddah has made it easier for you to find and review some of the highlights from Discipline without Disrespecting so you can begin making obeying easier and discipline simpler for you and your child.  She’s compiled some of the basics of the book into a quick and easy-to-read, 34-page Quick Tip Guide. Inside you will find—

Reminders of all 25 discipline techniques from Discipline without Disrespecting: Discover the Hidden Secrets of How to Effectively Discipline Your Muslim Child and Keep Your Peace of Mind while at it. 

  • A beautifully designed Star Chart to encourage positive behavior and discourage unacceptable behavior
  • An attractive IOU chart to control sibling rivalry and  back talk
  • Lists of penalties to use with your child for misbehavior
  • Lists of rewards to encourage positive behavior
  • Red flags to alert you for possible autism, learning disabilities and ADHD, so you can distinguish disobedience from disability early on
  • Sleep Chart indicating the number of hours of sleep your child needs to aid in acceptable behavior and minimize improper behavior
  • Nutrition Chart to help ensure your child gets sufficient nutrition to contribute to optimum health and positive behavior.
  • And much more. . .

A great tool to use with your Discipline without Disrespecting e-Book and e-Workbook.





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Discipline without Disrespecting: Quick-Tip Guide (e-book)

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