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Use Grandma Jeddah's Practices from her book and Improve Your Parenting Skills Overnight, insha'Allah! 

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Why you need Discipline without Disrespecting: Discover the Hidden Secrets of How to Effectively Discipline your Muslim Child—And Keep Your Peace of Mind While at It.

1. So you can have a more loving and warm mother and child relationship

2. So you can stop feeling guilty about excessive or uncontrolled hitting or scolding

3. So you can mature in your parenting abilities

Discipline without Disrespecting will, insha'Allah, help you--

Learn over 2 dozen amazing discipline techniques that avoid hitting, scolding and shaming.

Find out the 4 powerful mistakes parents make which can encourage misbehavior.

Discover simple ways to make your home a more loving environment for your children,  resulting in a happier home for both parent and child.

Find out several effective methods to help your children feel more confident about themselves, leading to more security in their religion.

Discover how to retain your serenity while disciplining your child.

Find the techniques that will teach your child how to self-manage his behavior so you won't have to.

Learn effective methods for managing your strong-willed child.

Learn successful discipline tips for your special needs child.


Grandma Jeddah has compiled effective discipline methods from an assortment of sources including both Islamic based and secular.  She has taken these resources and compiled them into an easy to read, simple to learn book.

Grandma Jeddah has over 30 years experience as a teacher disciplining hundreds of students, including those with learning disabilities, autism, Tourettes Syndrome, ADHD/ADD, intellectual disabilities and more.

She also has ongoing real-time experience raising several of her own 11 children.  Her advice is not from theory alone. It includes real-life experience you will find nowhere else.  Her practical tips can help make discipline easier for you and your child.    



Book Review

I know I don't need to tell you how much our community- and even the non Muslim community needs this. Jazaki Allahu khayran (May God reward you) for all of the families you will help and potentially all of the children who will be spared from un-necessary abuse. May this message spread all over our country!

Hoda Shawky,

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Los Angeles, CA



If you do not see a major improvement in your child’s behavior after reading Grandma Jeddah’s books and implementing her practices, email her and she’ll personally refund your money in full, insha’Allah.

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Discipline without Disrespecting- The 1st and original e-Book

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