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Your e-Workbook to Discipline without Disrespecting: Discover the Hidden Secrets of How to Effectively Discipline your Muslim Child—And Keep Your Peace of Mind While at It,  is just what you need to assist you in putting the valuable information you’ve learned from your e-Book into practice to help you increase your child’s obedience more peacefully.  It will also help you stay motivated to continue reading your e-Book from beginning to end to learn the techniques that will help you make the discipline process simpler for you and your child.

Why add the e-Workbook to your parenting library collection?

  1. Use your e-Workbook for self-study as a motivator to encourage yourself to complete the e-Book so you can begin using the concepts that will make disciplining your child simpler.
  2. Use your e-Workbook to help reinforce what you’ve learned from your reading and put it into practice to help you increase your Child's obedience.
  3. Use your e-Workbook to invite sisters over for parenting sessions so that you can all be a support to one another in your efforts to become better parents.
  4. Use the questions in your e-Workbook to encourage you to contemplate the concepts you’ve learned not simply read them.
  5. Use the “On Your Own” section to give you numerous ways to apply the valuable information from your e-Book.



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Discipline without Disrespecting:e-Workbook

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