How to Discipline Children the Islamic Way - Video & e-Book
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Are you disciplining your child the proper way according to Islam? Or are you holding on to the discipline traditions of your culture?


Grandma Jeddah presents to you– How to Discipline Children the Islamic Way, a video presentation and e-book.*  (Must have access to You Tube to view video)

Sit back and relax, cup of tea in hand, as you view this 21 minute engaging and informative video presentation on disciplining your children the Islamic way. Grandma Jeddah stimulates mothers to seriously consider their methods of discipline.

  1. She explains several scholars’ opinions on the subject of hitting children.
  2. In addition, she provides you with examples of how the Prophet (saw) behaved around children.
  3. You will also discover valuable and effective resources to help you manage your child’s behavior in appropriate ways.

Get 2 parenting resources in one -- e-book and video combination of How to Discipline Children the Islamic Way. After viewing the Private Party You Tube presentation you can refer back to important points using your e-book version.  

Here is an excerpt from the video presentation and e-book:

“The norm in most societies today, both Muslim and non-Muslim is that hitting your child is necessary in order to raise him up properly. There is a new trend, however, which discourages hitting and encourages other forms of directing children toward proper behavior.  This method is slowly penetrating parenting circles and households.

“Many Muslims question this manner of disciplining. They believe discipline which avoids hitting children is something new from the West, and not a part of our Muslim way.

“But in actuality, Islam promotes a form of upbringing and discipline that encourages alternative ways of correcting your child than hitting.”

*Please Note: View your Video presentation of How to Discipline Children the Islamic Way by clicking on the 2 links on the first page of your e-book, insha'Allah. *Your videos will be in Private Party You Tube Video format.



If you do not see a major improvement in your child’s behavior after reading Grandma Jeddah’s books and implementing her practices, email her and she’ll personally refund your money in full, insha’Allah.


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How to Discipline Children the Islamic Way - Video & e-Book

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