Mothering Doesn't Stop in Ramadan
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Mothering Doesn't Stop in Ramadan:

Jewels for a Stress-Less Ramadan

By: Grandma Jeddah

Welcome to Grandma Jeddah’s new Quick-E-Books! Now you can finish reading your e-book in 1 hour or less!  We mothers have loads of responsibilities to tend to throughout the day.  So finding time to read a useful e-book can become a chore rather than a help.

Now you can save time, tend to the kids, get your chores done, and gain helpful parenting tips with Grandma’s Quick-E-Books

Mothering Doesn’t Stop in Ramadan is a collection of Grandma Jeddah’s valuable Ramadan tips from articles she’s written over the years. It’s written in an easy-to-read format with ample headers and short paragraphs that make reading more enjoyable.

Find help on how to keep your sanity while  fasting with your hyperactive child to discovering less stressful ways of effectively and gently encouraging your youngster to wake up for suhoor. It's all inside, and more!

Ramadan is our most treasured month of the year. Use Grandma Jeddah’s jewels to help make your Ramadan less stressful. Use her solutions and guidance to help manage your kids and household better and to help with the added stresses of Ramadan.

Now . . . find 1 hour out of your 24, and start plucking a few jewels to add to your Ramadan treasures.


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Mothering Doesn't Stop in Ramadan

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