Your Challenging Muslim Child with Special Needs
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Your Challenging Muslim Child with Special Needs


Finally a book on special needs with an Islamic perspective! This supportive and instructive parenting book covers a range of disabilities including, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Cognitive Disability (mental retardation) and more. Grandma Jeddah touches taboo subjects such as mental illness, medication for behavior modification, and oppositional defiant behavior. She explains that parents need to be ultra understanding and vigilant when disciplining these types of children.  She tells how it is easy for parents to go overboard when trying to correct the behavior of children with special needs. She explains why special children require special treatment during the disciplinary process.

Grandma Jeddah acknowledges that raising children with special needs places more than the average demands on the entire family. She provides loads of successful discipline techniques mothers can use to better manage the behavior of their children with special needs. She provides help for some of the most challenging problems of raising a child with special needs such as--


  • Coping with nonconstructive comments from family, friends, and others
  • Helping children develop a proper Islamic perspective of their disability
  • Finding successful discipline methods
  • Understanding the challenges siblings experience
  • And more!


Grandma Jeddah also, helps you find constructive solutions to your most common questions such as these:


  • How does Quran and hadith reference disabilities?
  • Should you use medication for behavior management?
  • What actions should you avoid when your child is in a rage?
  • What are the best practices for managing aggressive behavior?
  • And more!


As an added bonus, she provides real life interviews of a young adult with a cognitive disability and autism, a mother of a young adult with a cognitive disability and autism, and a sibling of a young adult with a cognitive disability and autism. She provides reassurance that you are not alone in your daily struggles of managing your child with special needs.


In this enlightening parenting book you will also be able to explore a host of supportive links and resources to further your knowledge on how to nurture, manage and discipline your Muslim Child with Special Needs.

Once again, Grandma Jeddah has found another way to help make obeying easier and discipline simpler for you and your child!


If you do not see a major improvement in your child’s behavior after reading Grandma Jeddah’s books and implementing her practices, email her and she’ll personally refund your money in full, insha’Allah.

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Your Challenging Muslim Child with Special Needs

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